Smokin' Coole Swan

Smoke from Lapsang tea marries perfectly with the whiskey, chocolate, cream of Coole Swan in this delicious cocktail. A Coole Swan nod to a whiskey by the fire.



How to make the Smokin' Coole

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35ml Coole Swan
15ml Kahlua
75ml cold brew Lapsang tea
Star anise to garnish


1. Prepare the cold brew Lapsang tea (3 bags or 5 grams to 500ml hot water) – leave for 1 hour. Trust us it will be worth it
2. Pour the three ingredients into a rocks glass
3. Add at least two large cubes of ice
4. Stir for a minute
5. Add a garnish of your choice, we love a single star anise
6. Enjoy

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