The Seidin

In the bars of Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife, coffee lovers flock to seek out the best Barraquito.  Jack, The Scottish Mixologist, so fell in love with these layers of licor 43, espresso and milk frothy milk that he brought it home and made it his own. We bring you the Seidin.

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25ml Coole Swan
40ml Irish whiskey
30ml dark roast espresso
30ml Mr Black
Sprinkle of nutmeg


1. Find a nice coffee glass
2. Build the cocktail in the glass: Coole Swan on the base, Irish whiskey, espresso martini on top, Colombian Mr Black for a good dose of chocolatey coffee goodness and a dark roast espresso to balance the sweetness.
3. A sprinkle of nutmeg and voila. You have created your own Irish spin on a barraquito.

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