"Seek The Swan" by The Scottish Mixologist

‘A recipe I’ve become increasingly fond of is 30ml each of any spirit, Coole Swan, and another second liqueur of choice. Coole Swan, the superior Irish cream liqueur, is absolutely incredible, and much like the bird, while smooth and graceful on the surface and packs a real delicious punch underneath. Improve your Christmas this year, seek the swan‘. Check out more from Scottish Mixologist


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30ml Coole Swan

30ml Heaven Hill Distillery Bottled in bond 100 proof Rittenhouse Rye (or spirit of choice)

30ml Amaro Nonino (or second liqueur of choice)

30ml Full French Espresso

Suggested second liqueurs:
▪️Fruit – Lemon, Orange, Banana, Plum, Fig
▪️Nut – Amaretto, Chestnut, Pistachio
▪️Bitter – Aperol, Campari, Monte, Cynar, Fernet
▪️Other – Ancho, Ginger, Sloe, Falernum, Mint

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How to make a "Seek The Swan" by The Scottish Mixologist

Step 1.

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice.

Step 2.

Shake well.

Step 3.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and enjoy.

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