Coole Swan Frozen Mudslide

Perfect for: All Year, All Occasions


  • 50ml Coole Swan
  • 50ml Spiced Rum
  • 50ml Coffee Liqueur
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Vanilla Ice Cream


Pour a small amount of chocolate sauce around the inside of a well chilled glass and let it drip down along the inside of the glass and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Place the rum and coffee liqueur in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well and strain into the glass. Slowly pour the Coole Swan over the back of a spoon to create the layer.

Frozen Cocktail Tips From Monika Coghlan:

Try something new and exiting this summer season. Frozen cocktails are super refreshing and a great way to cool down on a sunny day. Use a blender and quality ice to make a frozen margarita, frosé or mojito. Alternatively, add a scoop of ice cream to your cocktail and serve after dinner as dessert.
Very important: Always chill your glasses.

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