The "Seidín" by The Scottish Mixologist

Since trying it in Tenerife, a Barraquito is a favourite coffee cocktail in the Scottish Mixology arsenal. Traditionally with a base of condensed milk, licor 43 and a latte on top, it’s a beautiful layered creation that’s perfect after a long day at the beach. You know I love layers so it’s often used as a source of inspiration.

The name has a vague history with @atlasobscura attributing it to the local lore of a man nicknamed ‘Barraco’ ordering it at a Tenerife bar. That nickname translates to ‘shed’ in Portuguese and has somehow been marked in the history books as ‘barraquito’ which I believe means ‘little shed’. Putting an Irish spin on this, presenting the ‘seidín’.

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25ml Coole Swan

40ml Irish Whiskey

30ml Dark roast Espresso

30ml Black twist

Sprinkle of nutmeg

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How to make a The "Seidín" by The Scottish Mixologist

Step 1.

Coole Swan on the base, Irish whiskey, espresso martini on top, Colombian Mr Black for a good dose of chocolatey coffee goodness and a dark roast espresso to balance the sweetness.

Step 2.

A sprinkle of nutmeg and voila. You have created your own Irish spin on a barraquito.

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