The Strawberry Daiquiri

A favourite of many such as Earnest Hemingway and John F Kennedy, the daiquiri is a classic cocktail and a summer staple.

Coole Swan adds a new layer of flavour and intrigue to the Strawberry Daiquiri making this cocktail smooth and refreshing as well as light and sweet.



50ml Coole Swan

25ml White Rum

30ml Strawberry liqueur

A handful of fresh strawberries

Plenty of Crushed ice

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How to make a The Strawberry Daiquiri

* This cocktail should only be made with the freshest of strawberries. Make sure they are ripe and sweet.

Step 1.

For each cocktail place one handful of fresh strawberries in the empty shaker and muddle them gently.

Step 2.

Add the rest of your ingredients to the shaker and shake as normal.

Step 3.

Strain over a glass filled with crushed ice.

Step 4.

Garnish with fresh strawberry.

Step 5.


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