If you haven’t tried Coole Swan then we think that you’re in for a treat.

The secret of Coole Swan lies in the recipe of Whiskey, Chocolate & Cream. 

Coole Swan uniquely combines single-malt Irish whiskey, Belgian white chocolate and fresh Irish cream to deliver a distinctive, fresh, smooth, velvety, long lasting, creamy taste experience that lingers for you to savour and enjoy.  This perfect blend was selected following 231 different combinations of whiskies, chocolate and cream (tough job, but someone had to do it!).

Coole Swan uses only the highest-class ingredients to ensure the highest level of quality in every bottle produced. Coole Swan is a choice and we want people to feel that reward every time they take a sip.

There are many great Irish whiskies available, we chose single-cask because it is premium and because of the distinct flavor delivery it gives; Belgian White Chocolate brings a sweetness and texture. The dairy cream comes from our very own herd of cows.  We can personally attest to the quality from seed to sip.” – Philip

 Since launch in 2009 Coole Swan has been a consistent award winner both locally and internationally with our most recent wine being a Gold Medal at the Irish Whiskey Awards 2019.

 Please, try it for yourself.



How it works

Buy a 50ml mini bottle of Coole Swan for €5

If you like it, and we hope that you do, use the promo code that you will receive with your email order confirmation to get a €5 discount on your next purchase of a full-size bottle or Gift Pack.

If you don’t like it, although we hope that this will not be true, use the link in the email order confirmation and tell us why and we will refund €5 to you (to the payment method you used online).

Offer open to Republic of Ireland Only.