Whiskey Chocolate Cream

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Neat or over ice but always chilled

Our favourite way to drink Coole Swan is just as it is.

We call it our perfect pour – just remember to chill it first.

Our Favourite Winter Cocktails

Coole Swan is the perfect cocktail ingredient. And we’ve got some of our favourite cocktails to share: The Coole Swan Grasshopper, a refreshing cocktail with a minty punch and the Popcorn Alexander, an after-dinner drink with a twist, the perfect Christmas concoction. Plus, Santa’s Little Helper, a Coole Swan classic from our great friend Neven Maguire at MacNean House.

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A modern craft brand

It took 231 attempts to find the perfect balance of whiskey, chocolate, cream that is Coole Swan.

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Shaking up this Tuesday with a Coole Brew at @garavans 🧊

Elevate your day with the smooth fusion of cold brew coffee and creamy @coole_swan and savour the coole summer vibes of the perfect pick-me-up! 

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