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Neat or over ice but always chilled

Our favourite way to drink Coole Swan is just as it is.

We call it our perfect pour – just remember to chill it first.

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Coole Swan is the perfect cocktail ingredient. And we’ve got some brand new cocktails to share: the Coole Lemon Frappe, a refreshing long drink with passionfruit and citrus notes and the Rhubarb Coole, which blends subtle flavours of rhubarb and ginger to create a delicious summery cocktail. Plus, the Coole Colada, a twist on everyone’s favourite the Pina Colada.

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It took 231 attempts to find the perfect balance of whiskey, chocolate, cream that is Coole Swan.

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The Rhubarb Coole by Andy Clarke ⁠
 Ingredients (for two)⁠
100ml Coole Swan⁠
50ml rhubarb vodka/rhubarb gin⁠
30ml ginger syrup⁠
A handful of ice cubes⁠
To garnish: a pinch of ground ginger/rhubarb curls⁠
Put all liquid ingredients in the shaker along with the ice cubes and shake for about 20 seconds until the shaker feels extremely cold to the touch.⁠
Pour the cocktails through a strainer and strain into the glasses. Sprinkle a pinch of ground ginger over each drink and balance the rhubarb curls on the edge of the glasses.⁠
Enjoy! #StirItUp

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