Nutritional information

We pride ourselves in ensuring that Coole Swan is produced using the finest of ingredients.


Coole Swan, Irish Cream Liqueur, (Alcohol by Volume, 16%).


Otter Island, Tatestown, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland.


Fresh Irish dairy cream, Irish whiskey (single malt), Belgian white chocolate, water, milk protein (casein), sugar, cocoa & vanilla

Allergen Advice

This product contains Dairy Cream
Suitable for: Vegetarians, Gluten Allergy Sufferers, Wheat Allergy Sufferers, Egg Allergy Sufferers and Nut Allergy Sufferers
Not Suitable: for Dairy Allergy Sufferers, Vegans.
Free from: Artificial Flavourings.
Not free from: Contains Alcohol.


Store in the fridge once opened.

Nutrition Information - 50ml

Energy (Kcal/50ml) 150
Energy (kJ/50ml) 695
Protein 1.74g
Total Carbohydrate  11.12g
Total Fat  8.035g
Of which is Saturated Fat  4g
Cholesterol 0.025g
Sodium 0.075g
Sugar 8.17g
Alcohol 6.345g
Water 17.95g


We hope that the information below answers any queries you might have about about Coole Swan.

Coole Facts

  • 231 versions of Coole Swan were produced before we were entirely satisfied that it was good enough.
  • Coole Swan is 100% natural! It does not contain a single artificial ingredient. Its main ingredients are fresh Irish cream, single malt Irish whiskey, Belgian white chocolate.
  • Coole Swan is made only in Ireland.
  • The name Coole Swan comes from the William Butler Yeats poem “The Wild Swans at Coole”.
  • “Coole” in Coole Swan is not a mis-spelling of the word “cool”. It is the name of the idyllic Coole Park in County Galway, where W.B. Yeats wrote ”The Wild Swans at Coole”.
  • The small picture on the front of the Coole Swan bottle is an artist’s impression of the lake at Coole Park.
  • There is an embossed motif on the back of the Coole Swan bottle showing a cat enjoying a bowl of cream. Wayne Resnick, a talk radio host on Los Angeles KFIAM 640, loves Coole Swan and his cat Isabella and so Isabella is the name of our cat.
  • The Coole Swan bottle was based on a nineteenth century Irish milk bottle design and the satin finish on the glass is painted on.
  • Coole Swan received a double-gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and was unanimously voted best liqueur by an eminent panel of judges.
  • Coole Swan is white in colour because it is naturally colored by its ingredients: cream, whiskey, cocoa, vanilla and chocolate.
  • It is virtually impossible to finish a glass of Coole Swan! Sip it, glug it down, even drink it standing on your head and you will always find a tiny amount left at the bottom of the glass.
  • 87% of all milk is water and less than 4% is cream. Cream is a valuable product, so valued in fact it is used frequently to explain quality – ”cream rises to the top”, ”the cat that got the cream” etc. This is the secret behind the taste of Coole Swan.

What is Coole Swan?

Coole Swan is a new twist on an old tradition.  Made from three high quality, natural ingredients our Irish cream has a premium profile and award winning taste. The blend of Whiskey,Chocolate and Cream is an unstoppable combination.

The crafting of Coole Swan

Coole Swan has the values of a family-operated business and the agility of an independently- owned organization. Our family was inspired by tradition but we craft Coole Swan for now.

Coole Swan – it will have you from the first taste

We take our time to get it right – the whiskey unapologetic, the chocolate silky and the cream effortlessly light.

Coole Swan Life-cycle

Coole Swan is best consumed within 2 years of the date of manufacture (this is if the bottle is unopened). The date is clearly marked on the rear of the bottle.

Storing Coole Swan @ Home

We recommend that Coole Swan is stored in the fridge.

Storing Coole Swan in a Bar

Store at room temperature.

Recycling a Coole Swan Bottle

Choose the clear glass bin.

Nutritional Information

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