Our Story

For years the Irish cream liqueur category was waiting for a premium player to join the mix. It wasn’t until we and a small team of innovative people set out to make Coole Swan, the superior Irish cream, that this call was answered. We blended a single malt Irish whiskey with real Belgian white chocolate and fresh dairy cream to create a unique taste experience that is both smooth and refreshing and never disappoints.

“Upon the brimming water among the stones Are nine and fifty swans”

W.B Yeats

The name Coole Swan was inspired by The Wild Swans at Coole, a poem written by one of Ireland’s great romantic poets; W.B. Yeats. In this poem Yeats writes about finding everlasting beauty in an ever changing world – just like our wonderful Irish Cream Liqueur. Coole Swan an eternal beauty (we just bottled it).

It took 230 attempts to get Coole Swan right. When perfection was struck it was love at first taste. The initial impact of cold, fresh, creamy white chocolate slowly melts in the mouth followed by a luxuriously smooth warm glow of Irish whiskey. You experience a slow, clean, warm, and long-lasting finish with no lingering aftertaste or cloying sweetness.

We are proud to share that Coole Swan is an award-winning liqueur.

Coole Swan is independently owned and family run. If you have any question feel free to visit our contact page. We are always happy to say hello.