Our heritage

Coole Swan is a unique blend of single malt Irish whiskey, Belgian white chocolate and fresh dairy cream. A taste experience that lingers for you to savour and enjoy. Made in Ireland, and only in Ireland, Coole Swan is a meticulously crafted liqueur made with heart.

owned, family run

We are about unity, strength and deep roots.

A bottle with a

Our name was inspired by The Wild Swans at Coole by W.B. Yeats.

Grounded by
our roots

We are committed to creating sustainable partnerships and sales, investing in our partners and in our brand.

A taste

It took 230 attempts to design our unique taste.

Good enough to drink

Our legions of followers, Coole Swan lovers and all the taste aficionados had their say.

Made in Ireland,
only in Ireland

Coole Swan is a genuine Irish Cream Liqueur.

We are proud to share that Coole Swan is an award-winning liqueur.

Coole Swan is independently owned and family run. If you have any question feel free to visit our contact page. We are always happy to say hello.