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Philip Brady, Head of Operations and Mary Sadlier, CEO Husband and wife team, Philip Brady, Head of Operations and Mary Sadlier CEO

Coole Swan was born of a vision to reinvent Irish Cream Liqueur for a modern world.

It is an unruly re-creation of a classic Irish product, a perfect blend of whiskey, chocolate and cream.

On the 231st attempt, the recipe was perfected. Smooth, soft Irish whiskey, fresh cream and silky Belgian white chocolate combine to create Coole Swan. Every batch is blended with care in Co. Cavan by makers driven by a fierce love of the liquid. It’s more than a drink, it’s our passion.

We love ours neat or over ice but always chilled and we’re also quite partial to it in a cocktail.



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Sometimes the best things in life are ✨ simple ✨ 

Coole Swan and ice, name a better combo 🧊
Whiskey, chocolate and cream what better way to kickstart the weekend? 👀 In the mood to be a little bit extra? Why not add a splash of @Cointreau? Can't go wrong.
Saying a big 'Hello Friday where have you been all week?' with this luscious Chai Latte Martini. Chai lovers this one's for you...⁠ ❤️⁠
50ml Coole Swan⁠
50ml Cazcabel Coffee Tequila⁠
Chilled espresso⁠
5ml chai syrup⁠
Pour Cazcabel Coffee Tequila, chilled espresso and chai syrup into a mixing glass or, if you like it foamy, a shaker⁠
Stir or shake well⁠
Strain into a chilled coupe glass⁠
Using the back of a spoon, slowly pour the Coole Swan to create the top layer⁠
Garnish with ground cinnamon and star anise
A reminder that it's still the weekend... Just... 💗
We don't mind if we do... ⁠
Stepping up to Saturday is the Wild Swans' Return:⁠
35ml Coole Swan⁠
15ml London Dry Gin⁠
50ml sparkling water or soda water⁠
1 Drop Waitrose Natural Salted Caramel Flavouring OR 1/2 a teaspoon of Monin salted caramel syrup ⁠(if you like it sweeter just add more to taste)⁠
Method: ⁠
Pour all of the ingredients into a rocks glass⁠
Fill with large square ice cubes⁠
Stir for a full minute⁠
Garnish with an orange wheel or if you feel like being extra “Coole”, a fresh lavender sprig⁠

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