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Over ten years ago, a small team of brilliant people set out to make a high-quality Irish Cream Liqueur using only the finest ingredients. A Single Malt Irish Whiskey was selected and blended with Real Belgian White Chocolate and Fresh, Dairy Cream to create a taste experience that is both smooth and original. Coole Swan has won countless awards since it broke onto the market. It’s been such an incredible journey. Sometimes it’s hard to remember where it all began.



Many people said it took a lot of courage to blaze a new path, others said we were just mad.  We think it was our sense of adventure that made us so determined to create the world’s best tasting Irish Cream Liqueur. Today the company remains proudly independent and authentic to our values and vision.



For us, tradition is a springboard. A place to start from. Our modern remake of the Irish Cream Liqueur is fit for today’s drinker. For Coole Swan ‘heart’ is an attitude. It means dreaming big and reaching bigger. It means bringing something new and exciting. We never compromise so you don’t have to. Coole Swan is made with heart. It is made with character, warmth, authenticity and resilience. It is an exquisite mix of full Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Belgian White Chocolate and Fresh Dairy Cream.

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It took 230 attempts to get Coole Swan right. When perfection was struck it was love at first taste. The initial impact of cold, fresh, creamy white chocolate slowly melts in the mouth followed by a luxuriously smooth warm glow of Irish Whiskey. No lingering aftertaste or cloying sweetness. Instead you experience a slow, clean, warm, and long-lasting finish.

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Coole Swan is a genuine Irish Cream Liqueur. Made in Ireland and only in Ireland. Coole Swan is based on the Brady family farm in the heart of the Boyne Valley in Co. Meath. Coole Swan is unstoppable because of our roots in Ireland. Who we are and where we come from keeps us grounded. Our roots inspire us to push the boundaries. We want to bring Coole Swan from Ireland to the world. The name Coole Swan was inspired by The Wild Swans at Coole, a poem written by one of Ireland’s great romantic poets; W.B. Yeats.

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Coole Swan is independently owned and family run. That means when you contact us, you really are talking to a family. If you have any questions visit our contact page. We’re always happy to say hello.


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