Sometimes it’s not about just doing a good job.

It’s about giving yourself a challenge and surpassing all expectation.


“When it came to creating Coole Swan, the idea was to create the best Irish cream liqueur by using only the finest ingredients.”

–     Philip Brady (Head of Operations)


Our passion for Coole Swan is apparent, even before you take a sip. It is a uniquely gorgeous and visually appetising creamy white colour. And you can see the colour through our beautiful bottle: we didn’t want to hide it away behind brown glass. There is no caramel, no colourants and no additives – in fact, our cream liqueur is a 100% natural product, without a single artificial ingredient. And because Coole Swan is 30% less sweet than other brands, there’s no cloying aftertaste.

You’ve heard of good taste. Don’t just take our word for it.

The saying, “you get what you pay for” is definitely true in the case of cream liqueurs. We love what we do, we are passionate about flavour – and we wanted to offer you a truly fabulous taste experience.  And we aren’t the only people who think so. Coole Swan has won numerous awards, which is testament to the passion and talent of the Coole Swan team.  Amongst many accolades, we are proud to be the first Irish cream liqueur to win The World’s Best Liqueur at the World Spirit Competition in 2009. Our makers, who craft every batch with such care, were honoured in 2010 to receive a rating of 96/100 from Wine Enthusiast and then again ten years later in 2020.

At Coole Swan, our vision was to reinvent the Irish cream liqueur, create a real difference, a lighter, fresher and more versatile liquid that could be enjoyed year-round and that would work brilliantly in cocktails. Read on to explore how we do it.

 Practice makes perfect

Whiskey, chocolate and cream – sounds simple doesn’t it. But did you know that we tweaked the recipe again and again? In fact, 231 combinations later, we hit the perfect blend of creamy, smooth deliciousness. Some things just take time to get right.

It’s all about the ingredients

We only have a few ingredients and each one plays a vital part in the overall taste experience. So we felt it was important to only use the highest quality ingredients and that’s the reason Coole Swan has such an incredible taste.


“We use whiskey, chocolate and cream. But only the very finest whiskey, chocolate and cream. We’re not like the others who go for the mass market. Our dream was to deliver a superb product to people who really appreciate a better taste.”

–     Philip Brady (Head of Operations)


The most superb single malt Irish whiskey, chosen for its soft and smooth blend – combined seamlessly with Belgian white chocolate and fresh Irish cream by our dedicated makers in Co Cavan.

 Fresh Irish cream

Our dairy cream comes from our family farm in the Boyne Valley in County Meath. The difference is that our cows graze the luscious green grass year-round to produce the finest cream in Ireland.

Real Belgian chocolate

Unlike other cream liqueurs, we use only real Belgian chocolate, gently melted and folded into the fresh cream. This is further complemented by a rich bitter-sweet cocoa from Cote-d’Ivoire and enhanced with the complex, delicate infusions of Madagascar bourbon vanilla for incomparable smoothness and a unique melt in the mouth sensation.

Single malt Irish whiskey

The cream and chocolate are blended with a soft, mellow single malt Irish whiskey to deliver the perfect malt and creamy chocolatey finish. Confidentiality means we cannot reveal its name, but tasting is believing. The gentle glow of whiskey lingers on the palate as the cream and chocolate slowly melt away.

High quality ingredients, expertly blended are what makes Coole Swan a superior tasting liqueur. As we like to say it’s good enough to drink on its own, neat or over ice but always chilled.

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