Coole Swan is a Rare Gift

Socks! Mugs! Ties! Sweets! Slippers! Christmas gift-buying season is here and it’s a tough brief.   Thoughtful, well-priced gifts – gifts that are natural, imaginative, and luxurious are rare and hard to find.  Coole Swan fits the brief and here’s why.

Coole Swan is an elegant Irish Cream Liqueur, made from all natural ingredients, by husband and wife team Philip Brady and Mary Sadlier, a farming family based in County Meath.

This Irish cream liqueur has won a number of prestigious awards both nationally and internationally.  It has even become something of a cult classic among those who appreciate fine dining, fine wines and a liqueur in its prime.  Coole Swan has devotees all over the world.

Coole Swan is made from naturally produced single-malt Irish whiskey, fresh Irish dairy cream and Belgian white chocolate.  It is the Belgian white chocolate that gives this extraordinary liqueur its warm-white colour, and a purity of texture and taste that makes it a drink to savour.  Coole Swan languishes on the palate – a velvety cream, chocolatey smooth twist, with an tantalising touch of rich, warm Irish whiskey.

Coole Swan is best served neat or over ice, always chilled.   Serve it as an aperitif, an after dinner drink or even instead of dessert.   As a base for a cocktail or added to coffee, Coole Swan is luxuriously delicious.

But it’s not just a drink!  You can let your imagination run wild with a bottle of Coole Swan in your hands.  It makes desserts, pastries and ice cream into culinary sensations.  Try the Coole Yule Log (created by chef Shane Smith) and other inspiring recipes on

Where is this rare gift to be found?  Coole Swan is available nationwide in select off-licences, independent stores, and at Dunnes Stores, SuperValu, Molloy’s Liquor Stores and, O’Brien’s and O’Donovan’s Off-Licences.

Shop online through the button below; free shipping on orders over €85; use promo code CooleSanta2019  to get an additional €5 off (online Republic of Ireland only).


Coole Swan is indeed a rare gift…one that you may not want to part with.