Coole Swan Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt Shooter

Refreshingly smooth and bursting with flavour, Coole Swan Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt Shooters are the perfect dessert on a sunny summer’s day.


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70ml Coole Swan

340g Greek Yoghurt

30g Icing Sugar

2 Punnets Fresh Raspberries

2 tsp Caster Sugar

10ml Lemon Juice

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How to make Coole Swan Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt Shooter

Step 1.

Mix the greek yoghurt, icing sugar and Coole Swan together in a bowl.  Place the mixture  in a container in the freezer for 8 hours (mixing with a fork every few hours to break down the ice crystals.)

Step 2.

In a bowl mix half the raspberries with the caster sugar and lemon juice and muddle them using the back of a fork and set aside.

Step 3.

To assemble, spoon the frozen Coole Swan yoghurt into prepared cold glasses, spoon on the raspberry coulis and top with fresh raspberries

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