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Coole Swan apron is set to withstand the rigours of a Michelin Star restaurant. It comes in one size; it’s easy to wash, it’s easy to dry and no ironing is needed! And the rich, distinctive navy colour? The material is 30% cotton so can be used as much as you like!

Coole Swan 50ml Mini


Coole Swan is the only Irish Cream Liqueur that combines Single-Malt Irish Whiskey, Belgian with White Belgian Chocolate and Fresh Irish
Cream to deliver a distinctive, fresh, smooth, velvety, long-lasting and creamy taste experience that lingers for you to savour and enjoy.

The smooth, fresh taste of Coole Swan commands attention. It is really no surprise that it is a multi award winning Irish Cream Liqueur.

Special Offer: buy 3 mini for €12.50 / 5 for €20

Hot chocolate pot


Handmade by An Olivia Chocolates the Coole Swan hot chocolate pot is the most extraordinary chocolate experience you will ever have.  The Pot is made from the finest Belgian Milk chocolate and the Coole Swan truffle centre will leaving you looking for more.  This pot can be eaten straight or as a smooth hot chocolate drink.  Follow the instructions on the pack to see just how easy it is to create!

Special Offer: buy 3 for €12.50 / 5 for €20