The Minty Don

Perfect for: Summer, At home/ Celebrations/ Digestif


  • 100ml Coole Swan
  • 80g Cucumber
  • 3 x Mint Leaves


Muddle chopped cucumber with 2 mint leaves for as long as possible to make a paste. Shake hard over ice for 20 seconds. Strain through a bar sieve & garnish with a wedge of cucumber and a mint leaf.

The story behind “The Minty Don”

Inspired by all things natural and outdoors.  Monty Don is a cocktail designed to surprise.  It is more than the sum of its parts and will become an important family favourite. That is why we call it the God father of all cocktails.

Simply add fresh cucumber and  mint  to a Cold Glass of Coole Swan  Perfect for that moment when you just need a clean treat.