Coole Colada

Some say that the Pina Colada was invented by a Puerto Rican pirate, others that it was Monchito, a bartender at the Caribe Hilton Hotel. Here at Coole Swan we bow down to Rewfus and Kian at the 43 Club who created our twist on this classic – an absolute triumph.

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40ml Coole Swan
20ml Coconut Rum
20ml Pineapple Vodka
15ml coconut water
Toasted coconut flakes, a pineapple leaf or an edible flower to garnish


1. Build or shake in a shaker if you really fancy getting caught in the rain.
2. Pour the four ingredients into a coupe glass or a shaker
3. Add at least two large cubes of ice
4. Stir or shake for a minute - if using a shaker then pour into a coupe glass
5. Add a garnish of your choice, we love toasted coconut flakes or a pineapple leaf or an edible flower if you're feeling fancy.
6. Enjoy

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