The Divine Swan

A perfect trinity of Coole flavours; Coole Swan, coconut water and basil

This is the perfect trinity of flavours in a glass with a surprise visit from the king of herbs, basil. Who knew? This cocktail really hits the savoury notes, it’s clean, fresh and modern. A good drink should take you on a flavour journey and this certainly does.

How to make the Divine Swan

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50ml Coole Swan
50ml coconut water
4 basil leaves


1. Simply take 3 of the basil leaves, remove the stalks, tear them once and ‘clap’ them between your hands. Then drop them into a rocks glass.
2. Take the 4th basil leaf and wipe it around the rim of the glass and discard.
3. Pour the Coole Swan and coconut water into the glass.
4. Fill with large ice cubes and stir well.
5. Leave for 2 minutes – garnish with a basil sprig.
6. Make it your way: To reduce the basil flavour - remove the basil leaves after the 2 minutes is up. To big up the basil - put the 4th basil leaf into the drink as well and let the flavours seep through.

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